Another Crossback Apron Smock Pattern

I love the apron style that wraps and crosses in the back and attaches at the shoulders.  I have made this style before, and you may remember from a previous post that I have tried to make the shape more A-line.

I came across another vintage pattern for this style and finally got around to trying it out.

This pattern is the same basic idea as the previous one I had tried, i.e., the apron is cut as one piece.  The shape of that piece, however, is slightly different - the length is shorter, the neckline is more of a boat neck, and there are two darts sewn in the neckline.  The resulting apron is more of an A-line than the other pattern.

I love this look, especially in this fabric (Amy Butler Stone Path).  The sizing for this apron is really determined by the bust size (it fits up to bust size 36") since the waist and hips are free because the apron is essentially opened in the back.